Friday, July 07, 2006

P29 & P30

Spent the packs practicing left-side and right-side hovering. My flights were a lot shorter this time as my packs were charged up last week and sat until today. Put back about1343 mAh into each one when I recharged them afterwards.

I've read that you should look at the rotor disc to see what the helicopter will do. However,
I noticed that it is still hard to see the rotor disc, even with the white blades. Perhaps I can focus on the canopy or something else.

A strange grinding noise has developed somewhere in the main drive-train. It doesn't seem to affect flying, but I did notice it at the end of the last flight. I will try to take it into GrandRC and let Ed take a listen to it.

Put on the Deans Two-piece antenna today as well. I kept trying to figure out new ways to route the antenna and thought, "Might as well try it". I did a range check and it did start to glitch about 30 steps away. I will see how it does in the air. If it glitches more in the air, then I can always resolder the antenna back together.


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