Sunday, June 04, 2006

Packs 11 & 12: More simulator work needed

For packs 11 and 12, I wanted to practice side in hovering (left and right) as a prelude to practicing nose-in hovering. From my flight experience with the Lama2, I thought this would be relatively simple. I was wrong.

I couldn't maintain a stable over in either left or right side-in. And to make matters worse, sometimes my corrections were made to the wrong side. Fortunately, no crashes. Just some disappointment. Back to AFPD for some more practice.

One thing that has come up in my flying is the "fear factor".

  • I fear crashing my expensive SE, and having to shell out more $$$ for parts.
  • I fear of having to rebuild my SE because I didn't build in the first place.
I think that is the larger obstacle. I'm not confident that I could repair and rebulid the Trex.

At the time I was contemplating purchasing the Trex, I thought that it would be a good idea to have it bulit. This way no mistakes would be made in the assembly (which so far has been true) and I would get a bird that was flight-tested and trimmed. However, after much, much reading of the Heili forums at RCgroups, HeliFreak, and Run-Ryder and seening all the building resources available (especially Finless's videos), I feel that I should have set up the Trex myself, then take it to LHS for an expert review of the setup and trim.

Ahh well, live and learn. As I mentioned in the previous post, sooner or later, my first crash will come and I guess I'll have to do the rebuild then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more about the Eagle Tree Logger . Also sounds like a very smooth transition from step to step keep up on the sim. and real time practice and before long 3D with the fellows !

7:01 AM  

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