Sunday, June 25, 2006

P18 & P19

Spent packs 18 and 19 hovering about 15 feet up, tail in and slowly sliding right and left, about 30 feet in either direction. I gradually turned the nose a bit so I was flying slowly left... stop... turn right.... fly slowly right.... stop.... turn left.... repeat.

I'm working on getting to flying figure 8s as outlined in the Little Rotors Flying lessons.

Flew pretty well for the most part, just had a couple of close calls, flying left to right where I got a little too sideways and started feeling the panic, you know when the heli starts going faster than you want it to and the first thing you do does not help. Fortunately, I was able to correct, and then set down.... calm down.... breathe......

After the two flights, while doing the post-flight inspection, I noticed that one of the main blades was cracked. You can see it here as that thin hair-line extending from the left edge of the blade to the right. The curious thing about this crack is that it goes the entire length of the blade. You can just barely see a black line at the center edge of the blade root. Actually, I think the root is where the crack orginated. As you all know, the Align Pro woods fit very tightly into the metal SE blade grips. There are many posts in the Trex forums about how to "fix" this problem, from sanding down the root to squeezing the blade root in a vise. I tried the vise trick. I didn't really help very much so much as loosening the blades in the grips but I think it did weaken the root and problably initiated the crack.

I replaced the blades with some Align Pro 325s (the grey ones here are 315s) . I am very curious to see how the Trex flys with these slightly longer blades.


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