Sunday, June 04, 2006

Transmitter mods

OK, as we all know, there are two schools when it comes to how to manipulate the control sticks of a R/C transmitter:

  • Thumbs (where the sticks are moved by the thumbs sitting on top of the sticks
  • Pinch (where the sticks are moved by the thumb and index finger gripping the stick sides
Personally, I've made the switch from "thumbs" (from my R/C car days in the 80's), to "pinch". I started pinching when I started flying my Lama2. I just find that it allows me to be more precise in my stick movements, especially on the left stick controlling the throtte/pitch and the rudder.

Now, Pinch method requires me to use a neck strap to support the transmitter as I can't comfortably hold up the TX with my remaining 3 fingers on each hand. (Yes, I do have small hands)

However, I've noticed that the location strap eyelet causes the TX to want to tip back (point the antenna straight up) when ever the strap is used. This requires me to hold onto the TX tightly so it doesn't do that , which makes my hands cramp up again.

So, as you can see, here is my solution. I've attached some non-slip matting to the bottom of the TX using double-sided tape. The matting rests against my shirt when I'm flying and prevents the transmitter from tipping back. My hands are therefore relieved from having to hold the TX tightly. It actually makes a big difference as now I can fly 2 packs straight without feeling any discomfort in my hands.


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