Wednesday, June 21, 2006


More high-hovering.... uneventful. I'm starting to do a little side-on hovering. I notice that I'm much better with the nose pointing to my left (looking at the heli) than when the nose is pointing to my right. All the helicopter training guides caution against developing "handness" for orientation so I guess it's more simulator work.

I notice that my flight times are starting to drop a little, now under 10 minutes. Perhaps it's me flying continuously now, or perhaps it's the cells getting a little out of balance. I have the Hyperion LBA6 balancer on order. Hopefully that will help improve the charge on my batteries.

I'm feeling a little torn now. I had been thinking of selling my new Triton charger as I have a Polycharge4. However, the Polycharge can't tell me how much current has been put into the battery. Perhaps I can sell the Triton for around 70 dollars and by a new Triton JR.

It's basically the same charger but with a better (safer) key layout.

However, to sell the charger does require work and there is no savings in money. I think I'll just keep the triton.


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