Friday, June 09, 2006

Packs 13 and 14

It's been so windy here for the past two weeks that the only time I can fly is early morning (not going to happen) or late evening, just before the sun sets down.

I managed 1 and 1/2 flights today before it got too dark. (yes, still listening to that inner voice, "You can't really see the helicopter very well, you almost lost it in front of that dark window")

Hovering is slowly improving. I'm working on controlled side-to-side motions in preparations for figure-8 circuits.

I found this site a little more helpful than the Beginner's guide to flying helicopters. It seems much more systematic.

I've been reading more about balancers, I think I will get one to check my lipos.


Yes, more accessories.... :-)


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