Saturday, July 01, 2006

P22 - P27

I picked up a pair of "plain" Align 315 blades. I wanted to have a backup set in case I crashed this long weekend. Anyway, when I picked them up I noticed that the blade root was much thinner than the 315 or 325 pro woods. There is an issue with the pro woods being too tight in the Align metal blade grips. I found the plain woods to fit in the grips just fine. I can now set them to be rigid enough that the blades do not pivot freely in the grips, but will deflect if I push on the ends with two fingers.

I flew in a new venue this morning, the local elementary school. It's just a little further than the church parking lot that I have been doing most of my flying in. I had hoped to fly a little further and faster than I have before as the fields at the school are much larger than the church parking lot. What I found was that if I flew my Trex further than about 30 feet, it became very hard to see the orientation, even with the hot pink canopy. I guess I really don't need any more space right now. Watching some videos of 3D Trex flying, one will notice that they don't really get much further than 30 feet from the pilot.

Spent the rest of the flights today working on side-in hovering. Dedicated whole packs to left-side hovering, then right-side hovering.


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