Tuesday, May 30, 2006

9th and 10th flight debrief

I'm now hovering the entire duration of the pack. I'm using the new Align 16C 2100 mAh and getting at least 10 minutes of flight time with them. I probably could get more but I've programmed my Hitec Optic 6 to have a 10 minute count-down and I generally abide by it.

Here's a post-flight photo:

Those of you with sharp eyes will notice one thing that I have changed since the last set of Trex photos. (Hint, the photo's centered on them)

Answer: I've moved my flybar weights from the outermost position on the flybar to the innermost, close to the mainshaft.

As you know, the flybar weights dampen the motion of the flybar and thereby stabilize the Trex. What I've been noticing lately is that this dampening equates to what I would describe as "stick delay", I move the stick, wait a little bit, then the Trex will move. I've started to really pay attention to this stick delay on the last couple of flights and it started to bother me. I think I would over-control because I would move the stick, not see anything, then move it some more resulting in exaggerated motions of my Trex.

Searching the Trex forums at RCgroups and RunRyder, I found a variety of opinions regarding the flybar weights. Some folks swear by them, others say they can't fly with them on.

I decided to see what would happen by moving the weights inward, thereby lessening the dampening effect of the weights. What I found was mostly not suprising, there was a significant increase in the responsiveness of the Trex. The "stick delay" was almost none exisitant. What was surprising was the fact that I did not find the Trex twitchy at all. It was easier to control and fly.

I'm going to put "removing flybar weights" on my list of things to do after I crash my Trex. (no point in denying, it will happen sooner or later)

Some other tasks on the list:

- Replace the aluminum tail boom with carbon fiber
- Re-loctite pre-assembled screws in the main and tail rotor heads.


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