Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Range troubles

I just picked up a DX6 and installed the AR6000 Rx in my Trex. Took it up for a test flight and noted that the range is horrible. I got a lockout at around 20 feet. Fortunately, my trex came down in some long grass and it looks like only my landing gear is broken. (yes, I've learned my lesson, do range check before flying!) However, performing a range check on the ground, I found the following: Just walking away from the Trex (on the ground), the maximum distance I get before all control is lost is about 20 feet. With the binding button depressed, I cannot walk more than 7 feet away before I lose control. Obviously, something is amiss. I'm thinking about asking a friend with a DX7 to bind my RX to his TX to see if he gets any better range (which should mean something is amiss with my TX).
The good news. I reset the head using the Trueblood Engineering Swashplate Leveler. When I took off, everything was dead on perfect! (Except for the blade tracking, but I expected that)
Great product (with great instructions)


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