Friday, September 22, 2006

P77-P80 More nose-in

Been practicing more and more nose-in. I'm able to hold it a little longer than before, maybe 5 to 10 seconds now. What was really helpful was a tip from menace at RunRyder. menace called it the "stick-with-it" approach. With the heli in the nose-in orientation, imagine pushing your cyclic stick in the direction that the heli is tiliting to "prop it up".
  • So if the heli tilts to your right, push the cyclic stick to the RIGHT to "prop up the right side of the heli"
  • If the heli tilts to your left, push the stick to the LEFT side to "prop up the left side of the heli"
  • If it tilts toward you, PULL the stick toward you to "prop up the front"
  • If the heli tilts away from you, PUSH the stick away from you to "prop up the back"
I hope I'm explaining this properly. It really helped me visualize the right thing to do without thinking about it too much.

I spent two packs working on nose in. Spent the other two just buzzing around back and forth doing "stall turns". A couple of times, I got that rotor flap sound that you can hear when folks are doing serious 3D stuff. Very cool!


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