Saturday, January 13, 2007

Spektrum DX6

Well, I've taken the spread specktrum plunge and picked up of used DX6 thanks to wo23Dodge at RCGroups.

I've been eyeing the DX line for a while now but never felt a compelling need to get one. My Optic6 has been working just fine. However, the new flying field by my work does not have any frequency and that has me concerned. It's actually two flying fields, one for nitros and one for electrics. The two fields are separated by a distance of about two blocks and a small hill. You can't see anyone in the other field, all you see is their heli. I'm concerened that I wouldn't know that someone was using CH11 in the other field. I could see their signals with my frequency checker but there's no guarantee that their TX would be on at the same time I'm checking (or vice versa)

I thought about a DX7 but it's a little much to spend just on a radio right now. I figure I can pick one up after they release the DX9. It's an OK transmitter. Having only 3 point curves is not a detriment to me as I run:

0-100-100 on normal and 100-100-100 on idle up.

The only thing that I miss is the dedicated gyro adjustment and a timer. Good thing I have a lipo alarm.


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