Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dialed in (Flight #106)

OK, after two nights of reprograming the ESC and readjusting the gyro gain, I finally have my TREX dialed in to flying the way it was before my "crash".

The big trick was setting the throttle neutral and maximums in the ESC. Doing so finally allowed me to get the head speed back to where it was.

Here are the current settings of my Quark 33 Universal

Advanced Section 1

Mode Selection: HELI
Turbo: OFF
Torque Selection: SOFT
Neutral Range Selection: NORMAL
Race/Safety Mode: RACE
Noise Cancel: OFF

Advanced Section 2

Battery Type: Li-Poly Low
Motor Type: NORMAL
Brake Type: 0% NONE
Cut-Off Voltage: 2.6V
No Governor

Did three packs today, was going to do "one more flight" but thought better of it. Must keep listening to that inner voice.

Here is a link to specs on that huge Joker electric that I saw last week.


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