Sunday, September 24, 2006

P81-P83 New paddles

Tried out the new Thunder Power eXtreme pack today

11.1V 2070mAh
25C (51AH) Continuous 40C burst
Dimensions: 107 x 36 x 24mm
Weight: 166 grams

Didn't really notice any change in performance between the eXtreme and the Prolites.

11.1V 2100mAh
15C (31.5A) continuous, 20C burst
Dimension: 34 x 98 x 20 mm
Weight: 138 g

More testing to come.

After today's three flights, I decided to remove the stock 3K paddles and try the new HS1191T paddles.

These are new from Align and are supposed to improve cyclic performance.

As you can see, they are pretty much the same size as the stock 3K paddles. However, the new paddles are thicker.
And, they are slightly heavier as well (6.11 grams each). I'm looking forward to seeing how they perform.

While I was changing the paddles, I took off the flybar weights, and decided to replace the flybar as well. I could tell it had a few slight "bends" in it so I figured now was a good time to change it out. The flybar is secured by two set screws in the flybar arm collar. However, when I loosened the set screws, the entire flybar control assembly fell apart!

The cause, 3 of the 4 cross screws securing the control arms to the control rod were missing. I examined the remaining screw, not a hint of thread lock could be found. The whole assembly was held together by the flybar set screws. The moral of the story once again, when you get a pre-built helicopter, always check all the screws for thread lock!
Moral #2, keep upgrading your helicopter as you will find problems before they become catastrophic (knock on wood)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are so fortunate that you decided to change that fly bar ! Some one was looking down on you from above . ><>

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi where did you buy that ballancer from ?

i keep seeing it but not know where to but it from


4:43 AM  

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