Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dumb Thumbs

Range trouble fixed. As it turned out, the antenna connector to the Tx circuit board was frayed. wo23Dodge (from whom I bought the transmitter) sent out a new antenna and full range was restored.

During the downtime, I decided to put in some upgrades and improvements that I've been wanting to do for a while now.

The new tail control system. The tail grips are captured by screws instead of a ball link so there is less slippage in the system. The tail servo rod has been changed to to a thin stainless steel rod with guidance hoops that are large enough to allow for free travel without binding.

The new gear set. Changing the main gear doesn't require removing of the one-way bearing. Also, the new gears are stronger and truer. I took it up this week for a test flight and they seem to run smoother and quieter.

Of course, I'm still adjusting to the DX6, I tried going into idle up and flipped the throttle hold instead. 15 feet straight down into the dirt. Ahh well, more practice.

Lipo pack and the canopy took the brunt of the impact. It hit on the end with the taps so I'm concerned that there may be some hidden damage. Time to retire it.


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