Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tach Take Two (P61 & P 62)

I recently adjusted my pitch and throttle curves to try to get more headspeed. My Tx is a Hitec Optic 6 which has 5-point curves.

Normal: 25-25-50-100
Idle Up: 0-XX-50-xx-100

Normal: 0-40-90-100
Idle Up: 100-xx-90-xx-100

Having adjusted the pitch throttle curves, I decided to tach the Trex again. Here's a shot of my set up. Nothing fancy, just a board over the skids with a couple of 24 ounce blue ice packs as weights. The tachometer is taped to a piece of cardboard and pushed under the blades. (Yes, I'm wearing safety glasses)

You should be able to make out the speed: 2880 at 50% stick which equates to about 90% throttle.

2790 here was done at about 90% stick in idle up. There is some pitch load here.

Here's a cool shot during spool down. The flash was able to "freeze" the blades.


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