Tuesday, August 08, 2006

P43 - P46

Installed the LiGlow Alarm from Thanh Tran over at RCgroups.

Here is the "large led"
Here is the "small LED" and the control board on the frame.

And here is the 93 dB alarm. The LEDs flash consecutively during normal flight. When the voltage from the pack drops below 9.4 volts, then the LEDs glow solid and the buzzer beeps.

After running 3 packs to the alarm, I've noted that the batteries run about 9:26 minutes and I put back around 1923 mAh back into the pack. This is a little too much for me so I'm going to keep using my 8:00 minute timer for now. I think what's going on is that since all I'm doing is hovering, the voltage drop doesn't really occur until far later in the pack. I suspect that once I do more "serious" flying, the packs will be taxed more and the alarm will come on sooner.


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