Sunday, September 03, 2006

P63-P65 (FFF and a broken tail belt)

Got up early this morning and headed out to a new flying area for me. I've been running into the limits of the church parking lot that's behind my house so I hoofed it over to the local Jr. high and flew around the infield of the track.

What a difference! Complete freedom to pretty much fly where I want to without worrying about running into anything. Tried my first fast forward flight today. What a blast! zooming back and forth across the length of the field! Fast figure 8s, almost did a stall turn a couple of times.

Went through 3 packs before some joggers showed up to use the track so I set down. While I was reaching down to unplug my heli, I noticed that my Tx display indicated that I was in idle up. "That's funny, I'm down, the rotor has stopped spinning." So, I started flipping switches and well, you can guess what happened next....

I flipped into idle-up and the blades spun up. Fortunately, no injuries, just a snapped tail belt, two broken teeth on the main gear. Just goes to show how you really got to pay attention and unplug immediately after setting down before you do anything else.

Anyway, I'm not bummed about breaking the belt or the main gear, I've been wanting to take apart the tail anyway to install ICON's new hub and just this morning I was thinking that I should replace the tail belt (it's original with over 60 flights)

Besides, another excuse to go buy more parts and upgrades! (i've been eying some tall gorilla gear Wink )

So the repair list:

  1. replace tail belt
  2. replace tail hub
  3. replace main gear
  4. check for creaks in the tail pulley system


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