Saturday, April 29, 2006

First flight debrief

OK, finally, after waiting a long week, I was able to take the Trex up for it's first flight. Wow, was my heart racing! I was able to hold hover for about 10 seconds and about 3-feet off the ground before I set it down. The conditions weren't ideal. The wind was swirling and gusting from 1 to 5 MPH (I guess) so I packed it in early, just one pack.

One thing I've learned is to trust your inner voice ("it's getting too windy") and never do "just one more flight". I'm a "graduate" of Radd's school of rotary flight.

It's a great self-guided program to teach beginners how to hover helicopters. One of the key principles in Radd's School of Rotary Flight is always be in control. If the helicopter ever goes where you don't want it to go, set down and reset yourself.

As you can see from these post-flight pics. I've painted the canopy. My girls picked the colors. The top was supposed to be fluorescent red, but I guess I didn't shake the can well enough and it ended up kind of pink. Still looks great!

One thing that doesn't look so great is the cutout for the cyclic servo. I mean, it works but there's got to be a more attractive solution. Fortunately, canopies are cheap and I do intend to try some different paint/decal jobs!

I'll have to get up earlier tomorrow for more flights!


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