Saturday, May 06, 2006

3rd and 4th flight de-brief

One of the cool things about r/c helicopters vs planes is that you don't need as much space to fly. Today I'm at my brother-in-law's place and brought the helicopter along. I wasn't sure if I was able to get away to a site to fly but his cul-de-sac was perfect. Cul-de-sac itself was about 50 foot diameter circle, a nice round space with houses set back a good thirty feet from the curb. Lot's of trees along periphery to block to sun. Just perfect for a quick afternoon flight.

I'm starting to think about packing the Trex with me where ever I go. The Align aluminum case really makes it easy to carry everything together for a quick flight or two.

Spent packs 3 and 4 hovering again and trying some 45 degree yaws, both left and right. I find that my right hand seems to be cramping up more, perhaps I'm gripping the stick too tightly?
I'm also finding that I'm still having difficulty keeping the helicopter from drifting to the left. Perhaps some right trim on the cyclic? I'm getting about 10 minutes from the Align 2100 16C cells. I wonder if another battery could give me more time?


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