Saturday, September 15, 2007

Flight 156, back in the air

Well, it's been three weeks since my last flight. I've put 6 flights just doing nose in and light hovering. Getting my legs back. During my previous flying session, I crashed the Trex into a tree. I used throttle hold so the damage was limited to:

  • Aileron Servo
  • Elevator Servo
  • Mainshaft bent
And the 430XL motor! I burned it up because I flipped off TX by mistake while looking for the heli and RX safe position was set to idle up speed. The motor tried to spin up while it was stuck in the tree. ESC shrink wrap melted, still seems to work. I've sent it back to Castle Creations for repair.

One thing I've noticed about going back to the Astro 020 is that the helicopter is a lot quieter and smoother. The tail vibration is practically nil.


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