Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Typhoon Maiden

Well, here is a shot of my Typhoon just prior to the maiden. I picked up up used from a user at RCGroups. It's in pretty good shape. Brushless motor and 20Amp ESC. I'm using a 3S 2100 mAh lipo.

Alas, the maiden did not go as well as I hoped. Upon lifting from the ground it rolled left and cartwheeled onto the dirt. Fortunately, the damage was minimal, just a broken clevis and a mildly stripped rudder servo. (Gotta love foam planes!) The servo still works fine, I just can't get maximum deflection (for 3D).

I've repaired the clevis and I'm going to try again tomorrow. This time, I'll be ready for the torque roll.
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Edit: Sunday 1/20/08 OK, it wasn't excess torque roll that caused my Typhoon to flip. I set up my ailerons backwards! It took the observant eyes of my brother-in-law to point it out. Man, I am such a doof.


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